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This website is designed as a resource for Sarah’s Environmental Science, Biology, and Advanced Biology courses at Scattergood Friends School.  I hope that you will not only find the information and resources contained here helpful, but that you will find it a valuable addition to our classroom experience.

What’s here?

The CLASS BLOG is the most frequently updated.  Posts have a variety of functions, as well as a variety of authors.  Posts written by me may: describe an assignment, give reminders for class, ask a question for you to respond to in the comments, or direct you to a specific resource.  Posts written by YOU or your classmates might be Science in the News entries, or address any number of other topics relevant to our class.  Remember to comment constructively on each other’s work!  (See the commenting guidelines and Science in the News pages for more information.)

The CALENDAR is a real-time listing of what’s coming up.  This is where you can find out when the next block starts, when the next assignment is due, etc.

The LINKS page is just that – a page of links relevant to class.  It contains both general and specific resources, and is a great place to find websites that will help you study, provide articles for Science in the News, and others that we will use in class or as part of homework assignments.

The CLASS RESOURCES page has information about Science in the News, as well as the link to our class wiki, and directs you to the course folders on the Scattergood Fileserver where all the course documents are kept.  It also includes information about the grading system used by the 10th grade Biology class this year: Standards Based Grading.

As with any class resource, this one is to be used appropriately.

>>>  Before posting or commenting, please be sure to read through these directions.

By using our online class resources, you agree that you will…

… not use your full name, or the full name of any other students.
… not plagiarize and will always cite your sources.
… not use any swear words,  inappropriate, or insulting language.
… try to use correct spelling, good grammar, and complete sentences.
… contribute thoughtfully and constructively
…only give respectful, constructive criticism.

(adapted from Mr. Bird at Biology in Action)

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