How to Post & Comment

To learn how to use our class blog and website effectively, visit this page.  Read through each of the following links on that page (don’t worry, they’re quick reads!):

1b) Logging into your blog

2a) Writing your first post

2b) Inserting links into your post

2h) Adding categories and tags to your post

2k) Why you shouldn’t write your post in Microsoft Word (or Open Office)

Go back and read others as necessary (like if you want to add a picture to your post).  This information is especially important so that you know how to complete Science in the News when your turn comes around.

For a quick demo of how to write a new post, please click here.  To prevent the loss of any of your writing, please always write and save your posts on your computer using Notepad (you can find it by going to: Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Notepad; don’t use Open Office or Word) and then copy and paste them into the website.

In addition, by posting or commenting, you are agreeing to follow these guidelines:


  • Should meet the criteria given in the Science in the News assignment (or any other assignment that includes a post)
  • Model good grammar and spelling. Proofread!
  • Write with your audience in mind (be clear and concise, include not only facts, but your own reflections and opinions – be clear about which is which)
  • Ask questions and be open-ended – inspire the discussion!
  • Hyperlink your source (if it was online) as well as anything else that adds to your post
  • Post on time


  • Should be 2-5 sentences in length (potentially more, but not less!)
  • Write meaningful comments that add to the conversation.
  • Show the author that you hear them. “I hear you saying….”
  • Respond to others thoughtfully and respectfully.
  • Use your comment to show why you think the topic is important/interesting/controversial.
  • Read the comments posted after yours.
  • Be respectful of other people and their opinions.
  • Constructive criticism only, no derogatory or inflammatory remarks, critique the idea, not the person.
  • Model good spelling and grammar.
  • Support your comments with evidence.
  • Only comment on posts after you have read the whole post.
  • Suggested response prompts:
    • This made me think about…
    • I wonder why…
    • Your writing made me form an opinion about…
    • This post is relevant because…
    • Your writing made me think that we should…
    • I wish I understood why…
    • This is important because…
    • Another thing to consider is…
    • I can relate to this…
    • I don’t understand…
    • I was reminded that…
    • I found myself wondering…